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#HackingConflict teams competed for three awards:

  • Judges Award – selected by a panel of judges and awarded at the #DiploHack event by Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Bert Koenders and congratulated by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands
  • Compatriots Award – selected by participants and awarded at the event
  • Vox Populi Award – selected by popular online vote


Judges Award Winner

Disrupt the Chain: End Barrel Bombs in Syria


Disrupt the Chain seeks to enable crowd-sourced enforcement of UNSC Resolution 2139 to uncover the Syrian barrel bomb supply chain, with a view to undermining the Assad regime’s ability deny the use of barrel bombs, and to build an evidentiary base for international condemnation, sanctions, legal action, and boycott campaigns. This initiative aims to aggregate documentation to degrade the supply chain that enables the Syrian regime’s barrel bombing campaigns.


Antonin Wynne-Hughes

Khaoula Zoghlami

June Mclabe

Kedra Hildebrard

Alejandra Espinosa

Adam Rossiter

Misha Munim

Derradzi Islamamine

Susan Hugh

Team B's Deck

#HackingConflict #TeamB


Compatriots Award Winner — A Mobile App


Propaganda and misinformation are evident in the current crisis in Ukraine and are impeding on conversation, accountability and perpetuating conflict. Our goal is to educate and build critical thinking skills of young individuals, who are active in binding the truth, through a game that tests photo and video verification skills.


Anders Kirkeby Larsen

Eric Lin

Shawn Menzies

Christian Rousseau

Veronica Chernyavsky

Sayyid Bacchus

Anatoliy Gruzd

Nick Lin

Robin Newman-Grigg

Madeleine Macdonald

Team D's Deck

#HackingConflict #TeamD


Vox Populi Award Winner

Connect Her/Connectées


Data reported in the 2011 American Journal of Public Health estimates that approximately 1.8 million women across Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been raped in their lifetime, with 433,785 impacted annually and an average of four women every five minutes.

At Connect Her/Connectées, we’re taking an innovative approach; we’re harnessing the power of technology to support women and girls who have experienced sexual violence in eastern DRC–where continuing brutal conflict puts women and girls at heightened risk.

The Ministry of Health in the DRC and the World Bank reported that less than one quarter of women and girls in the DRC have access to medical care. Survivors of sexual violence face even greater barriers to obtaining medical and psychosocial services, including stigma, lack of infrastructure and lack of medical practitioners. We’re attempting to break those barriers down.

The first 72 hours after sexual assault are critical to prevent HIV, unwanted pregnancy and promote survivability. Connect Her/Connectées is a free SMS and phone call based service that links sexual violence survivors in eastern DRC to community-based first responders who provide emergency medical care and support within those crucial 72 hours.

Reach Out. Connect Her. Get Help


Jennifer Keeling

Amanda Klaman

Heidi Monk

Diana Sarosi

Lindsay Coombs

Celeste Longo

Rupinder Mangat

Ashley Armstrong

Sarah Saska

Joris Geeven

Stefanie Carmen Hopfner

Julie Ma

Renee Black

Nora Abouguendia

Team C's Deck

#HackingConflict #TeamC