How the event works

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On May 27-28, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada six multi-disciplinary teams will undertook a #DiploHack Challenge to consider how social media, big data and/or new technologies can be leveraged to hack through the fog of war and empower non-violent actors seeking to transform their national/regional conflicts.  Teams raced against the clock to produce innovative solutions that can make a difference. Teams were formed to encourage cross-disciplinary learning – students, diplomats, “techies,” social entrepreneurs, conflict area specialists, digital media and strategic comms experts, NGOs – which was a core goal of the event.

Three framing #HackingConflict Challenges were specified one week prior to the event. Within the framing challenges, teams chose how to tunnel down onto specific issues, which could focus on policy, direct action or technology itself (leveraging an app, for example). Resources relevant to the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine were also available to teams.


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