#HackingConflict By The Numbers

#HackingConflict By The Numbers

Below are statistics collected about #HackingConflict and participation at the DiploHack challenge. This data was collected from a variety of sources including registration surveys and social media analytics.

The Experience Participants Brought to #HackingConflict


Scroll over the bars to reveal skill sets and the number of participants who brought that type of experience to #HackingConflict:


For the majority of participants, #HackingConflict was their first hackathon experience. Scroll over the pie chart below to uncover a breakdown of past experience:

Where People Were Who Tweeted #HackingConflict

Scroll over countries to reveal what percentage of Twitter users engaging in #HackingConflict tweeted from there:

#HackingConflict featured in more than 700 tweets, enjoying a reach of 545,222 users and impressions of more than 2.5 million. The hashtag was trending on Twitter in three major Canadian cities during the #DiploHack challenge:


Top Hashtags

Most Active Users

Most Active Users

Percentage of Women Engaged on #HackingConflict

During #HackingConflict we were pleased to see so much engagement from women. Given that women represent 47% of the overall Canadian workforce, but account for just 24% of the Canadian Advanced Technology Sectors workforce, we were proud to have a far higher representation for #HackingConflict. Rates for participation of women in such events still must improve. Scroll over the pie charts below for more information:

Engagement on Twitter

Participation at #HackingConflict