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What & When?

What: Each week we’ve been asking questions during the #HackingConflict Twitter Chat. Each question is represented by a Q#. Participants are asked to respond with the corresponding A# and include the hashtag #HackingConflict. A live Twitter Chat was held during the event on May 28. The final Twitter Chat on June 4 will reveal the Vox Populi Award winner.

When: Thursdays 15:30 GMT

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05/14/2015 10:30 AM
05/14/2015 11:00 AM
#HackingConflict Twitter Chat
Exploring topics related to disrupting conflict with technology
The SecDev Foundation

Where: Twitter, search #HackingConflict
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 Questions For June 4

Q1: Do you have a #HackingConflict idea that wasn’t shared at @DiploHack? If yes, what was it?
Q2: Who are potential donors willing to support #HackingConflict projects?
Q3: What was your favourite #HackingConflict idea? Why?
Q4: If you could ask one person for help on developing a #HackingConflict idea, who would it be and what would you ask?
Q5: What organisations might use #HackingConflict ideas? How?
Q6: What did you learn through the #HackingConflict @DiploHack challenge?
Q7: What did you like best about the @DiploHack #HackingConflict Challenge?
Q8: Is there anything else you’d like to add about #HackingConflict before we announce the Vox Populi Award winner?

 Questions For May 28

Q1: Describe a tool or technology that currently doesn’t exist, but you wish did to help in  #HackingConflict?
Q2: What limitations should #HackingConflict teams consider when creating their ideas?
Q3: What risks or dangers should #HackingConflict teams keep in mind when creating their ideas?
Q4: What role should/can governments play in #HackingConflict?
Q5: What role should/can the media play in #HackingConflict?
Q6: What are the ethics of #HackingConflict?
Q7: What available technologies or networks would you use in #HackingConflict? Why?
Q8: If you could ask the #HackingConflict teams one question, what would it be?
Q9: What one thing do you want #HackingConflict teams to remember in this challenge?

Questions For May 21

Topic: Who are the Champions of #HackingConflict?

Q1: What is the state of the art in #HackingConflict? What technology and approaches are most promising?
Q2: Who are the thought leaders in #HackingConflict? Why?
Q3: Which organizations are making the biggest difference on the ground in #HackingConflict? How?
Q4: Where has citizen activism and technology made a difference in #HackingConflict? When? How?
Q5: Are citizens + new technologies sufficient to transform the political will of armed actors to end conflict or moderate violence? How? #HackingConflict
Q6: If you could add one person to your #HackingConflict team, who would it be and why?

Questions For May 14

Topic: An Introduction to #HackingConflict

Q1: What does #HackingConflict mean to you?
Q2: How has technology enabled people to disrupt conflicts? #HackingConflict
Q3: Can the average person use technology to disrupt conflicts? Why or why not? #HackingConflict
Q4: What’s the biggest challenge in #HackingConflict with technology?
Q5: What one technology has brought the biggest change to people caught in conflict? #HackingConflict
Q6: What technology could be better used in #HackingConflict? How?
Q7: What role do social networks play in #HackingConflict?
Q8: What’s the biggest danger to #HackingConflict with technology?
Q9: How would/have you use(d) technology in #HackingConflict?

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