About Our Images

Many of the images used in the #HackingConflict website are original photos taken by our partners in the field. These images are below with descriptions of who shared them.


Title: Today Ambition. By: Lens Young Dirani. Damascus, Syria. http//:on.fb.me/1PCLzsB


By: Sergey Dolzhenko. Ukrainians lift up their mobile phones with luminous screens as they mark the first anniversary of the Euromaidan Revolution on the Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, 21 November 2014


Title: #HackingConflict. Saqba, Eastern Ghouta, Syria. May 8, 2015

Children chanting Syrian freedom songs. Aleppo.

Title: Children chanting Syrian freedom songs. Aleppo. tiny.cc/syriafreedom


Title: Flags. By:Tammam Azzam. Planet Syiria http://tiny.cc/6xt2xx

Babila. Dimashqi Lens. http://www.dimashqilens.com/en/photos/3405-Babila

Title: Babila. By: Dimashqi Lens.